During thier dimesnion instability, The Tigeroan breed picked up something nasty...THe Shadow Curse. I had this idea for a very long time, and just now am releasing it [as i have worked out a wide variety of possible storyline]. Allow me to explain.

If a Tigeroan's mentality [power of imagination and mental prowess im my terms] falls too low below it's original base, [meaning a tigeroan with a low base has to go very low, but a tigeroan with a hihg base has to go medium-high.] shadows will take over, covering fur/feathers and eyes, and becoming a negative side of that Tigeroan. A tigeroan with a low base mentality won't have much trouble, whilst a Tigeroan with a high base mentality [for instance, Tigero.] will have trouble, as the standard is very high, and he must keep the things he is imagining and the power of that area high. Now, this is quite normal, and happens normally. I was going to create an RP where it seems to be getting more and more powerful, and the heroes have to find out why it's doing this. Watcha think o' this one?

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