IT seems to me that Guy....I hate his name...basically killed SFW, the great "tree for the users", and now the SFCW appears to be the sapling that came from that. Now, my original plan when this was happening was to relentlessly fight what was happening. Agter all, Guy...grrrrr...Was banned for a month, but somehow still retained adminship. So, he was able to ban me until 3 days past my birthday. And i had really wanted to celebrate that with the wiki. I now have about a week or two to bring everything around in a hurricane, forget the old wiki, and make this an exact replica...Wether or not i have any authority. The day after Guy....grrr....did that, i found the THOUGHT of the wiki affected my physically, shattered my soul. However, as you can see by my being here, i have recovered, and will now stand stronger than before, as i am determined to accomplish my goal. Any comments?

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