A Tigeroan is a particular type of breed while, wich still an animal, looks very different from mobians

Tigeroans can mean anyone who:

1:lives in Tigeroa

2:is of a Tigeroan breed.

3:has done some honor to Tigeroans that the title is bestowed upon him or

4:is a close contact of Tigero or another important Tigeroan

A tigeroan bird looks like:normally a pure-colored hawk. They have large wings on thier back, and thier hands and arms are a second, though more adept, set of wings. They have no gloves/shoes and taloned feet are easily visible. Thier beak is usually a straight,pointed one and they usually have a feather crest on thier head.

A tigeroan cat looks like:Normally a pure colored cat, with grayish or whitish markings in certain places, though that is largely optional. they have pointed, fully functional ears and whiskers, and retractabel claws. Thier tail is also free and helpful for balance. They have amazing senses and agility/dexterity. they do not wear gloves or shoes, preferring to have all claws at the ready, be it for climbing or slashing. All Tigeroan cats are born with a certain amount of lives. the usual if 5 to 6. Extremely rare is a full 9, but triple as rare as that is a single life. For if a Tigeroan cat is born with a single life, that is an eternal [but not unkillable] life.By Dungeons And Dragons standards, your average Tigeroan is chaotic good.