The marionettes are a group of villans that used to know Wolfgang the Cat.

Dagmar the OxEdit

He's the leader of the group, as he is the only one that can get everyone to listen to him. He's the geokinetic of the groop.

Violet the FoxEdit

She's the crazy of the group. She's the spectrakinetic of the groop.

Gale the BatEdit

He's the speed of the groop. He's also the Aerokinetic of the groop.

Aisha the Arctic HareEdit

She's the tactician of the group, as well as the Cryokinetic.

Konnan the WolfEdit

The pyrokinetic of the group.

Aquella the CatEdit

She's the biologist of the groop. She's the Hydrokinetic of the group.

Castiel the HedgehogEdit

He's the tec-head of the group, as well as he Solarakinetic.

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