The Dalewinds are 3 blue Tigeroan cats with white markings. They have gone past all dimensions of surfing, and are now thought of as "the gods of surfing". They have turned surfing into a form of art, and then into a form of war. They can pull of seemingly impossible aerodynamic tricks that are easy to them. They can also turn themselves into water and merge to share knowledge. They have some power over water, though they never use it when surfing.they are fun-loving, and don't care who's fighitng who so long as it won't interrupt their flow. Despite this,they aren't really selfish. They're just tired of everyone fighting eachother, and so have pushed it to the back of thier minds. They can be a formidable force, however, because they can act in powerful perfect unison, or they can each be using unpredictable tactics at the same time. They don't seem to have seperate names, simply calling themselves the Dalewinds.freinds:MyvyrRaeverai and Raeseraifoes:rivals: INSPIRATION:the band known as dick dale and his del-tones [they do surfing music]