This temple complex is the base of operations for all Temporacats. Vyr'sai, the current leader, can always be found here. It has many features to offer: A giant library of techniques and movesA training ground that can summon up duplicate monsters from memory.A giant buffet with nearly everythingA request box outside the complex where people put in requests to Vyr'SaiA teleportation roomA grand main room with a battle squareA throne room, where Vyr'Sai and a giant portal can be found.A prison area.An area for coordinating difficult transportations.A weapons area.A garden, with a giant statue of Dialga in the center. This place also has good battling areas, and Temporacats frequent itAnd recently, a bingo room. [For visiting future mobians or elderly visitors]The temporacats take pride in the enormous complex, and always keep it polished,clean, and top-quality.