Stormfur is a black with white stripes Tigeroan cat with two different personalities within him...Nogale and Scipiru

==Nogale==When he is Nogale, he is a kind,smart,silvertongued trader. he constantly wears a large flat hat and uses a staff.==Scipirum==This personality is much better known. He is a savage, slavetaking,looting pirate.He is, if possible, even smarter as this one. he is well known for coming up with pirate ryhmes in this one, the chorus always beingLook at all this amazin' loot!'That's what we'll say when we take off the boot!taking off teh boot referring to the fact that Scipirum beleives a good hiding place is your boot.Every year, the personality changes. Every 5 years, he becomes a pirate, but kind, as even slaves as crewbeasts. he is at his best in this form, and it is called his "perfect" personality. It is possible that this one is his original personality,Stormfur, getting through.