Issue 8:

A Plan Gone Wrong

Barney's Antiques- 12:00 p.m.

Sonic: Here we are.

Rouge: Why would something so important be in a place as dumpy as this?

Sonic: Who knows?

Shadow: and who cares? Are we going to guard this thing or not?

Sonic: Oh, yeah! Let's go in.

Rouge: Ugh! Can this place get anymore dusty? (Amy accidently knocks over a pile of books, creating a cloud of dust.) *cough**cough* Apparently in can. Way to go, Pinky.

Tails: Amy!

Amy: Woops! Sorry! (Noises in the background.)

Sonic: Shhh!! I hear something!

Barney's Antiques: Back Room

(Puma lands on the floor from the window, making a loud thump.)

Kyle: Puma!

Katie: Sh! And you two are supposed to be the quite ones. (Footsteps approach.) Oh, no! Guys, hide! (They hide, and Shadow walks in.)

Shadow: Hello? Hmm. Maybe Sonic was just hearing things. (Katie comes out.)

Katie: Hellooo.

Shadow: Who are you? And what are you doing here?

Katie: That's really none of your buisness, is it? (Puma knocks him out from behind.)

Shadow: Kuh! (Falls to the ground.)

Katie: Now let's go.

Barney's Antiques: Alleyway Entrance

Shino: We're in.

Fusha: Yes! Now Shani, can you keep quiet for a couple of minutes?

Shani: YEAH! Wait...hey! I'm not loud! Whoopsie! (Slaps her hand over her mouth.)

Fusha: Oh, boy.

Shino: Be quiet, you two! The staff is in the main part of the shop. C'mon.

Barney's Antiques: Main Room

Amy: I'm worried about Shadow. Shouldn't he be back by now?

Tails: Don't worry, Amy. Shadow's a tough guy. I'm sure he's fine.

Rouge: He's right. Shadow's pretty strong. He can take care of himself. (Waits a couple seconds.) I'm going to go find him. (Walks into the back room and finds Shadow.) Shadow! What happened to you?!

Shadow: Some cat came in...Her friend must've knocked me out.

Rouge: They must be real amutuers to come in this way and cause such a ruckus.

Shadow: Heh heh. You should know. Yo're a famous jewel theif, after all.

Rouge: Hmm. We need to tell Soniv and hte others about our visitors. (They get back to the others.)

Amy: There you are!

Sonic: What happened?

Shadow: We're not the only ones here. There's at least three others. I saw them, but one of them knocked me out.

Sonic: They must be after the staff piece!

Tails: What do we do?

Sonic: We're staying here. We need to protect the staff, no matter what.

Rouge: Besides, it's three against what...five? There's no way they can beat all of us, right?

Katie: That's what you think!

Shadow: You!

Katie: C'mon, boys. Let's show these guys who they're messing with! (The two teams fight. Team Agility hears the noise.)

Shani: What's that?

Fusha: Sounds like fighting.

Shani: Fighting? Really?! Let's go see! (Runs off.)

Shino: Shani! No!


Puma: Give us the staff piece!

Sonic: No!

Rouge: And you three call yourselves thieves? Ha!

Katie: Why you-

Shino: *whistles* Mind if we join?

Katie: Shino.

Amy: More thieves?!

Rouge: Pft. Amutuers.

Fusha: What did you say?!

Shino: We are Team Agility, and we are here for-

Sonic: We know what you're here for, and you can't have it!

Shino: We'll see about that! Fusha, Shani, ATTACK!

Shani: Yay! Let's play!

Fusha: This isn't a game, you idiot!

Shani: It's not?

Fusha: *sisghs* (They attack.)

Shino: Now this- (Breaks open the case.) is mine! (Katie lunges at him, and he punhces her in the head, making her hit the opposite wall and passout.)

Kyle: No! Katie! Shinooooooooooo!!!! (He attacks Shino, and they fight.)

Fusha: Let's get out of here!

Shani: I'm right with you!

Tails: They're getting away!

Shino: Thanks for the gift! (They escape.)

Puma: No! Grrrrrrr!! They got the staff...

Kyle: Katie! (Runs over to her. She is knocked out, a little bit of blood on the floor.) C'mon, Katie! Wake up!

Puma: Please! You guys need to help us!

Shadow: Why should we?

Rouge: Shadow!

Puma: We'll help you get the staff pieces from Team Agility and Dr. Eggman.

Amy: Promise?

Puma: YES! Now help her!

Tails: We'll take her to my workshop. We can rest there for the night.

Kyle: Thank you!

Team Sinister and Team Sonic have joined forces. With only one staff pieceleft t find, who will get to it first? Find out in Issue 9: A Demon Unleased!!!