Issue 4:

Truth of Power

Space Colony Ark: Central Room

Shima: Ow, my head. Huh? I'm on...Space Colony Ark. But how? Oh, well. It seems that no one's around. Maybe I can get out of here. (She runs towards the door but an invisible force knocks her back) What the-

Xilax: I thought you would be more happy to be home.

Shima: Who are you?

Xilax: I am Xilax the Hedgehog. You may not remember me, but I certainly remember you. I believe you have something that belongs to me.

Shima: What would that be?

Xilax: Your crystal. You probably were never told why you were given it or who gave it to you, but I know why. That crystal on your neck will help us create a better world. Now please, give it to me.

Shima: A better world? But Silver said-

Xilax: Who cares about what that future-freak says? Just give me that crystal!

Shima: No! I won't let you have it!

Xilax: Don't you dare defy me! I created you! You must obey me!

Shima: Never! Get away from me!

Xilax: Not so fast! Chaos Hypnosis!

Shima: I'm almost there.... Aaahhh!!!

Xilax: At last, the power crystal is mine!

Shima: *faintly* No...Sonic... I'm sorry I...couldn't be stronger... (she passes out)

Mystic Ruins: Tails's Workshop

Tails: Well, guys, the space shuttle is completed. Did you find the last two Chaos Emeralds?

Sonic: No luck.

Silver: We looked everywhere, but still couldn't find them.

Shadow: We'll just need to forgt about them and head up to the Ark.

Tails: Okay. All aboard for Space Colony Ark!

Amy: Let's go!

Space Colony Ark: Loading Dock

Shadow: It feels like forever since I've been here.

Sonic: Okay, stop reminenscing in the past and focus on the present.

Shadow: Oh...sorry.

Tails: This place is pretty big, so we'll split up into two teams. Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Blaze will go one way and Rouge, Knuckles, Amy and I will go the other. Hopefully, one of us will find Shima.

Sonic: Let's get moving. We'll meet up with the rest of you later. See ya!

Amy: Be careful!

Space Colony Ark: Labrynth Hall

Sonic: Wow, this place IS huge. How are we gonna find Shima in this place?

Shadow: Just keep your eyes peeled.

Blaze: Don't worry. We'll find her.

Silver: What's wrong with the Chaos Emerald?

Sonic: It's glowing...So that must mean that there is another Chaos Emerald around here!

Silver: C'mon! It shouldnt' be that far up ahead!

Shadow: There it is!

Sonic: But no Shima.

Blaze: Don't give up yet! We'll keep looking.

Sonic: Okay. Silver, grab that Chaos Emerald.

Shadow: Wait! Don't touch it! (Silver grabs the Chaos Emerald)

All: Aaaahhhh!!!

Space Colony Ark: Dark Passage

Knuckles: Boy, it's dark in here.

Amy: I can't see a thing!

Tails: Me neither!

Rouge: Heh! I can see perfectly.

Knuckles: Shut it, bat girl!

Tails: Enough! We'll use the Chaos Emerald to see. It may not be much, but at least it's something.

Amy: Awesome!

  • 45 minutes later*

Rouge: Ugh! How long is this hallway?

Tails: I'm not sure. I have a feeling we're getting close to the end pretty soon.

Amy: I hope so. My feet are killing me.

Knuckles: Hey, what's that light up ahead?

Amy: Should we go towards it?

Tails: Maybe Shima's there.

Rouge: Didn't anyone ever tell you never go towards the light?

Amy: This is a different situation, Rouge.

Rouge: I'm just saying.

Knuckles: Look! The Chaos Emerald!

Amy: What's happening to it?

Knuckles: When it glows like that, it usually mean that there is another Chaos Emerald nearby.

Tails: Maybe that's what that light is.

Rouge: It's a Chaos Emerald, all right. Come to me, my little precious Emerald.

Amy: No way! You're not going to hold it.

Rouge: I won't steal it!

Tails: Will you two stop? It is a Chaos Emerald, but what is it doing here?

Rouge: Who cares? Let's take it!

Amy: I don't think that's a good idea...(Rouge takes the Chaos Emerald)

All: Aaaahhhh!!!

Space Colony Ark: Central Room

Blaze: Huh? Where are we now?

Sonic: I remember this room! This is the room where Eggman tried to destroy me in a capsule, but I escaped. (a bright light appears in front of them)

Tails: Sonic!

Sonic: Tails! What happened to you?

Amy: We saw a Chaos Emerald and tried to take it, but when Rouge touched it, we got sent here.

Shadow: The same thing happened to us. It was probably Chaos Control.

Knuckles: Did you guys have an luck in finding Shima?

Sonic: No.

Silver: We couldn't find one trace of her anywhere.

Xilax: I know where she is.

Sonic: Xilax! Where's Shima?!

Xilax: Shia is fine. She is now fulfilling her destiny. (he smiles) Oh, and by the way, thank you for collecting the Chaos Emeralds for me. I don't know what I'd do without them. (all the Chaos Emeralds dissapear)

Shadow: No!

Xilax: Hahahahahahahaha!!!! (dissapears in a flash of light)

Sonic: Come back here!

Amy: Sonic! Look! (she point out the window)

Silver: Is that...Shima?

Blaze: It is!

Sonic: C'mo, guys! (they turn into they're Super forms)

All: Let's go!

The battle against Xilax is here! Will Sonic and his friends save Shima? The end is here in Issue 5: In The End!!!