Issue 2 :

Into the Future

20 miles from Station Square

Sonic: Shadow! Rouge! What are you two doing here?

Rouge: We got a call from the G.U.N. Commander saying that you infiltrated Prison Island. I guess he was right.

Sonic: You guys got it all wrong! Shima didn't do anything wrong! She doesn't deserve to be sent to Prison Island!

Shadow: Wait, Shima? Is that really you?

Shima: Shadow! It's been so long! i missed you! (she hugs Shadow)

Shadow: I thought you were dead.

Shima: Actually, I-

Sonic: Wait a minute! What is going on?

Rouge. Yeah. Shadow, how do you know this girl?

Shadow: You see, Shima and I-

Shima: -are siblings.

Sonic and Rouge: WHAT?!

Shadow: Yes. After the attack on the Ark, we've been separated ever since. I believed that she was killed along with Maria.

Rouge. I never knew you had a sister.

Sonic: Yeah, me too.

Shadow: We need to figure out a way to hide Shima. I think we should take her to the Ark. It's safe up there.

Sonic: No way! We'll take her Tails's workshop.

Shadow: That's a stupid place to put her. That's the first place G.U.N. will check, seeing that you and Tails are best friends.

Sonic: Well, you work for G.U.N. How do we know that you won't trun her in to them?

Shadow: What?! She's my sister! I'll never do that! (they continue to argue)

Shima: Do they do this a lot?

Rouge: Yeah. They usually fight about more important things than this.

Shima: Oh. Um...excuse me...uh, hey...I don't care where i go, but... (a time portal opens and a hand grabs Shima and pulls herin) Ahhhhhh!!!

Sonic and Shadow: Shima!!!

Somewhere in the distant future....

Shima: Oof! Huh?

???: You are in the future. 200 years, to be exact.

Shima: 200...years? Wait. Who are you?

Silver: I am Silver the Hedgehog. And this is my friend, Blaze the Cat.

Blaze: Hello.

Silver: We need you're help.

Shima: My help? Why?

Blaze: We need you to help us save this future.

Shima: Help save...the world?

Silver: Yes. Follow us. Do you recognize this place?

Shima: No, not really...Wait, this is Station Square! What happened to it?

Silver: It was destroyed 200 years ago by someone called Xilax.

Shima: Xilax...Why does that name sound familiar?

Silver: We thought you would know. That's why we brought you here. Stop. We're here.

Shima: What is this place?

Blaze: This is our hideout. We've been here for 3 year and nobody has been able to find us.

Shima: Wow.

Silver: there's something else we need to show you. (Silver hands Shima an old, faded photograph_

Shima: What is-oh. Hey that's me! And Shadow! And...and...

Blaze: What is it?

Shima:That...that girl...I-I know her! C'mon, think! What was her name? Ma...Mar...Maria! She was my best friend. Until...

Blaze: Until what?

Shima: U-until...until...she..she was killed! (she starts to cry)

Blaze: Shhhhh, it's okay.That's all in the past.

Silver: Yeah. You need to let go of the past and think about the future.

Shima:*sniff* You're right. So, what do you need me to do?

Mystic Ruins: Tails's Workshop

Sonic: that's what happened.

Shadow: And we've got to find her!

Tails: Hold on a second, guys. How do know is she was taken to the future or not?

Shadow: Uh...

Sonic: Lucky guess?

Tails: We need to find a way to find Shima.

Rouge: Why don't we use Chaos Controlto go to the future?

Shadow: Didn't you hear what Tails just said?

Rouge: Sorry, I must've zoned out for a second.

Tails: We could use the Master Emerald to locate her. By fusing the powers of the Master Emerald and Chaos Emerald together,

we can find Shima.

Sonic: Again, you're a genius, Tails.

Tails:Heh heh! Yeah, I know. Now let's go to Angel Island!

Sonic: Don't worry, Shima. I'm coming!

Sonic and friends are on their way to Angel Island. Meanwhile, Shima is stuck in the future! What is in store for the two hedgehog? Find out in Issue 3: Past and Future!!!