Issue 11:

The Portal

Station Square

Tails: Sonic!

Sonic; Hey, Tails. What's up?

Tails: I've created something that could help us find Shima! Come on! Let's go back to my workshop.

Sonic: Okay! *thinking* Finally, we get a chance to find her.

Mystic Ruins: Tails's WorkshopAmy: Sonic! (She hugs him tightly.)

Sonic: Amy!!

Shadow: Don't squeeze him to death. How are we going to explain that to Shima?

Amy: Okay, fine. (Amy let's go.)

Rouge: What did you bring us here for?

Knuckles: Is it something important?

Tails: Yes, it is important! Remember Shima? She disappeared about 2 months ago.

Rouge: I remember her! She was a little shy, that one.

Knuckles: Too shy, if you ask me.

Tails: I created a Dimensional Portal that will allow us to travel to different universes.

Amy: Really?! That's incredible!

Knuckles: Yeah, but does it work?

Shadow: It should. We tested it with a couple of things, and they all went it okay.

Sonic: This is our only hope to finding her.

Tails: Right. So, are you guys in?

Rouge: I'm in. It's Shadow's sister, so...

Knuckles: Hey, a bit of traveling won't hurt.

Sonic: Amy?

Amy: Oh...okay. But that's just because you're going, Sonic. (She hugs him again.)

Tails: Alrighty, then. Dimensional Portal opening in portal opens. It is rainbow colored, but you can't see any farther in it.)

Amy: Wow!

Knuckles: Amazing!

Shadow: We don't know where exaclty Shima is at, but we'll keep searching different dimansions until we find her.

Tails: Everybody ready?

All: Ready!

Tails: Okay! Now let's go! (The team enters the portal. Light flashes around them, and they finally feel ground beneath them.)

A Grassy Meadow

(Sonic looks up. They have all landed in a grassy meadow.)

Amy: Where...are we?

Sonic: I don't know. Tails?

Tails: Your guess is as good as mine.

Sonic: Let's go look around. Maybe we'll find someone to tell us where we're at. (They explore until they reach a forest.) Still nobody.

Knuckles: Is it possible that this planet doesn't have any people on it?

Shadow: Let's hope not. (Small rusles in the trees.)

Amy: Did you guys here that?

Sonic: I didn't hear- (Trees rusel again.)

Amy: There it is again!

Shadow: Show yourself!

???: If you insist! (A yellow blur lands on Shadow. The figure looks strangely familiar.)

Shadow: OOF!

Sonic: Hey! You look like me!

???: You look like me, too! Weird!

Shadow: Get off of me!

???: Oh! Sorry! (He gets off him.) By the way, who are you guys?

Sonic: I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog. (Holds his hand out. The yellow hedgehog takes it.)

???: And I'm Speedy. Speedy the Hedgehog.

Sonic: Nice to meet you, uh...Speedy. Where are we?

Speedy: Since you look like me, I say that you're in an alternate universe, in your terms. Welcome to the planet, Terra!

Sonic: An alternate universe?

Tails: It's a dimension that is the complete opposite of ours. That's why Speedy is yellow instead of blue.

Speedy: Yeah, but not all things are complete opposites.

Sonic: Whaddya mean?

Speedy: Well, you and me look alike, right? We probably act the same, too.

Amy: He's right! You both even introduced yourselves the same way!

Speedy: So, you guys want to meet my team?

Sonic: Why not?

Tails: I can't wait to see my opposite!

A Sonic look-alike? If this is an alternate universe, how will everyone else's opposites act? Read about it in Issue 12: Meet the Team!!!