Skittles the Kangaroo Rat


3D ish Skittles. I furgot her Tail :B

  • 9
Gender Female
Species Kangaroo Rat
Alleigance Good
  • Tan Fur
  • Light Tan Tail tip
  • Pinkish Whiteish Tail
  • Bright Blue eyes
  • Bright green Dress w/ pink flower on chest and Bright Blue flowers on bottom
  • Pink Gloves w/ Bright green, Bright Blue, and Lemon yellow Triangles
  • Lemon Yellow Hair tie
Nicknames and Titles
  • Skitt
  • Skittles
  • Candy
"Hi Charmy!!"
Romantic Interests
  • None
  • Basic Combat
  • Very High jumping
Ability Type Jump

Skittles the Kangaroo Rat is the Best friend of Sharna the Hedgehog and the youngest member of Team Chaos.


Skittles was born in a normal family. Her two sisters were lady like, and polite. She liked to skip in the mud and make necklaces out of stones and leaves she found in the swamp. Her only real friends were the toads,Lizards,Frogs, and Dragonflies. Her mother found the way she acted savage, and left with her two big sisters and her Dad. Skittles lived in the house by herself until she has 6, and she met a yellow and purple mongoose. The mongoose introduced herself as Mina Mongoose. Skittles introduced herself by her nick name given to her by her sisters, Skittles. Skittles the Kangaroo Rat. Her and Mina became fast friends. One day, mina introduced Skittles to her old friend, Marine the Raccoon. The three were a circle of friends, and their circle was building. Soon, Obdulia the Ocelot and Aiyala Genet were part of the group. One day, while exploring around with Marine and Obdulia, Obdulia decided to steal Shadow's bike. Marine came running out of the alley they were in screaming,"GET OUTTA TEH WAY OBDULE IS CAMIN!!!!" Obdulia came out with Skittles staying behind to watch the strange Black and Red female hedgehog with Sonic. Skittles backed away as Julaya came from the bushes and tackled Shadow. She walked over behind Sonic, and the red ad black girl asked Sonic who she was. Sonic answered,"Oh, That's Skittles. She's my Girlfriend's friend." "Who are you??? You look like Shadow." Skittles said. Sharna introduced her self, and they went off.


Skittles is nice, and Hyper. She can be shy around new people, and she likes hanging with her friends. Mainly Sharna and Mina. She has a small crush on her friend Charmy, and tries her best not to show it. She loves to go on adventures, but she leaves Eggman to Sonic and his group.She is unusually seen without one of her friends, and she sometimes sleeps in a tree to fell like she's camping on a big adventure. Her rival is Lan the Chinese Pangolin. She does not get along with Shadow.





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All you need is love-Beatles

Free Spirit-Alyson Stoner(Thank you Gamergirl)

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