Skarlei is a gray Tigeroan cat with curved blades that start on his back and curve over his back that can magically store his weapons. Skarlei is a Descentist, meaning that he is a master of destroying mines in teh descent dimensions. [The blast em up genre games knwona s descents 1-3] He is alert and resourceful, and a master at destroying robots. He is an expert at finding weak points and at predisting a robot's movements. He is quick to attack anything robotic he sees. He lives on Skarlei's Cliff in Mistywisp Forest in the new continent of Tigeroa


He is harsh, as that is teh only way he knows how to be. He was born deep in teh descent dimensions, in a mine under siege by robots. He eventually became old enough and reactivated an old Pyro-GX, destroying the robots and leaving to go clear out the mines. He currently waits for new information on robots in mines, or any kind of robot infestation. Thus, he hates eggman, and wishes to push his phoenix gun into his gut.Super Form: Destruction SkarleiHis fur turns completely dark blue, and his blades turn orange, and a quad of blades slides out from his back. He gains amazing speed abilities, and can fly. All his weapons power up as well, and a blue shield covers him.==Relationships==Freinds:AmbyrB.O.O.TigeroStriktyrFoes:Robots,robots, and more robots.eggman.Rivals:he sees no sense in having a rival�INSPIRATION: while i was playing descent one, i thought of him