Serene the Foxcoon


SpeciesFox/ Raccoon crossbreed
  • Orange, black, cream and white fur
  • Lime green irises
  • One eyelash on each eye
  • Blue shirt
  • Lime green skirt w/ white trim
  • Yellow wristbands
  • Green shoes w/ yellow buckle on top
Romantic InterestsJude the Fox (boyfriend)
  • Able to heal
  • Knowledge of herbs
  • Speed
Super FormsN/A
Ability TypeSpeed

Serene the Foxcoon is a 16 year-old fox-raccoon crossbreed. She’s a passionate pacifist and her brother is Kyle the Raccoon. Her height is 3’ 5 and her weight is unknown.

Backstory Edit

(coming soon)

Personality Edit

Her personality is similar to Krystal’s but she is talkative and can became easily irritated by her brother Kyle. She is an extremely passionate pacifist and doesn’t believe in fighting. She is prone to being kidnapped and is often saved by her boyfriend Jude the Fox. She is a calm and relaxed most of the time and will help anyone in need. She is also very friendly.
File:Serene Pokemon Cosplay.JPG

Skills Edit

Since she doesn’t fight, she has no known fighting moves but is a healer and heals wounds. She is actually quite speedy but not as fast as Kit. She has no known super forms and her ability type is speed.

Weaknesses Edit

She doesn’t fight, so she can’t defend herself and she is prone to being kidnapped. The smell of blood can make her faint (although she has gotten used to the smell over the years) and she is a bit clumsy and is scared of lightning.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes: Jude, Kyle, pickles, healing injured people, peace, calmness, Krystal, rain, and the color blue and green

Dislikes: Kyle’s pranks, injured people, war, blood, Hearts, lighting, and chaos

Relationships with other characters Edit


Molli the Fox (mother)

Dust the Raccoon (father)

Kyle the Raccoon (brother)


Jude the Fox (boyfriend)

Kyle the Raccoon (brother and friend; irritates Serene a lot)

Krystal the Arctic Wolf (best friend)

Kit the Cat (friend)


Radic the Dog

Shadow the Hedgehog (met each other years ago; Shadow finds her to be similar to Maria)

Candi the Mole


Hearts the Cheetah (Hearts hates that Serene is a pacifist)


Shade the Hedgehog

Hearts the Cheetah

Theme Songs Edit

Umbrella by Rihanna

Quotes Edit

(coming soon)

Trivia Edit

  • Serene shares the same fear of lightning as Tails.
  • Serene wears braces.

Appearances Edit



Other media:

My Sonic Heroes

Voice Actors Edit

English: KittheCat

Japanese: Mamiko Noto

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