Rage Shield is a technique used by Will, Rageik and Striker, and is a variant of Chaos Shield.

Usage Edit

Rage Shield is Striker's main attack in Sonic boomhog: Extreme Formation, where it could block everything around himself. Will can also use this attack while in his Corrupted form, using it in Book Three.

Styles/Variants Edit

There are three styles of the attack: a red full-body attack-shield like the one Striker gets in Extreme Formation, a small invisible field around the user which attacks are blocked by a red force field (which is used by Corrupted Will in Book Three, and occasionally by base-form Will) and a massive dome, which was used by Rageik to seal a handful of Celestial prisoners-of-war.

Add your own variants, if any exist.

Soul Shield: A very similar shield that is seen around Soul forms.

Users Edit

Will the Echidna



Rage J

Rinku the Mutt

Revenge the ???

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