Peace the Dove

Species Dove
  • White and red feathers
  • Yellow beak
  • Silver irises
  • Red shirt
  • Red headband
  • Blue shorts
  • Silver braclets
  • Red and yellow boots
AffiliationsTeam Sunshine


Romantic InterestsN/A
WeaponryA large silver-colored fan
Super FormsN/A
Ability TypePower (surprisingly)

Peace the Dove (Pisu za Dabu) is a bubbly young dove and is the power type member of Team Sunshine. She uses a gaint silver war fan as a weapon. She is 9 years old, 2' 6 tall and her weight is 42 lbs.

Backstory Edit

(coming soon)

Personality Edit

Peace is outgoing, bubbly and a bit naive. She loves to see people happy and is very sensitive, she is often is prone to crying. She will fight when it was needed. She will often look up to people older than her and her role model is Razz the Bat.
File:Peace The Dove Recolor.png

Skills Edit

Peace will fight when it is needed (similar to Razz). She has a gaint silver-colored japanese war fan, which she uses as a weapon. Here are all of her known moves:

  • Wind Slash
  • Sound Wave
  • Mega Punch
  • Mega Kick
  • Fan Slap
  • Shriek
  • Tornado Punch (Learn this move from Razz)
  • Whirlwind

She is also able to glide short distances. She has no known super forms and her ability type is power (surprisingly).

Weaknesses Edit

Peace can be naive, she is prone to crying and can sometimes look up to the wrong people.

Likes & Dislikes Edit

Likes: Friends, guidance, Melody, Aerial, Razz, the color silver, pie and Team Sunshine

Dislikes: Mean people, loneliness, being young, Shade, no guidance, vegetables and scary people

Relationships With Other Characters Edit


Unnamed parents

Friends/ Allies

Melody the Butterfly (Childhood friend and teammate)
Aerial "Chaos" Raven (Childhood friend and teammate; Aerial has a crush on Peace)
Candi the Mole (Good friend and teammate)
Razz the Bat (Peace's role model and friend)


Shade the Hedgehog

Theme Songs Edit

None yet...

Quotes Edit

(coming soon)

Trivia Edit

  • Peace's giant war fan is similar to Temari's war fan in Naruto and is uses for the same purpose.
  • Peace has gotten a Boot to the Head before.

Appearances Edit



Other media:

My Sonic Heroes

Voice Actors Edit

English: KittheCat

Japanese: ???

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