• Cameron and Cory usually say "KARMA!" Which is a reference to Criken's Karma Charger
  • Shahooter's sayings are mostly references to Axel [i.e Who am I? Oh my name's Shahooter, got it memorized?)
  • One of the Scenes in Part 4 of Parkview Roleplay is most likely a reference to the Animated Red vs. Blue.
  • Most people mistake (Neo) Critical Shahooter, or Dream Shahooter as an Organization 13 member. Due to their Black Clothing.
  • Shahooter's Clothes in Critical Forms are references to different Kingdom Hearts Characters, His (Neo) Critical Form, is to an Organization 13 Member, As Shahooter in his Hyper Critical Form is to Roxas before he joined Organization 13.
  • Shahooter's Boot to the Head Power is a Reference to Phoenix Wright- A Boot to the Head
  • Joshua can pull out a Book from...well just about anywhere.. a Reference to Zexion.
  • Shahooter's Sign is the Middle and Index Finger put together, as if he's pointing with two fingers, this is also what KP does.
  • Most of the Windstalker's Weapons are from the Retired Game, Planetside.
  • If more References are made they will be added.
  • Shahooter's lack of common sense refers to KP, whom lacks common sense as well. Also Cameron does
  • The Imperial Gaurdsmen' Weapons are similar to the ones in Warhammer 40,000
  • Altair's name is the protagonist of Assassin's Creed's name.
  • Cyril is named after Cyril from Legend of Spyro.
  • Psymids are based off of the Plasmids from Bioshock.
  • Cameron and Cory also make Monty Python references by saying quotes.
  • Cameron and Spark have a habit of saying "They call me Stompy." Which is what the Killa Kan says in Warhammer Dawn of War.