Leparis is a male leopard with giant bloodstone claws in place of his normal ones. he wears a black suit similar to blaze's �He is also a master guitarist.


Leparis was a loner, though at one point an orginization known as BSGC [BloodStone Golem Creators] captured him to use his blood in teh creation of more golems. Leparis fought with his bare claws, and they became coated in blood. They hardened under a full moon, and were permanent. He then used these new claws to destroy the orginization, killing the leader by using his Frenzy form. He later traveled to Tigeroa and made his reputation as a guitarist. HIs claws and Bloodcrystal guitar are both Anti [though Obsidain just calls it antimagic] that can fizzle any element or magic. Thus, the only way to fight him is physically.==Personality==Leparis is cheerful and mischievous, ever ready to try something new. he hardens quickly when faced with danger, however.Frenzy Form:
He can only activate this form while attacking Bloodstone creatures, and when he has nearly exhausted himself. He becames huge, and his claws become amazingly long. His fur runs wild, and his lenghtened tail whips wildly behind him. His fangs become bloodstone during this transformation.�Friends:Obsidain [they almost always work together in playing songs]HeavireBlazeFoes:BSGCRivals:INSPIRATION: the band known as Def Leppard