Kairu the Hedgebat is the fursona of Vampire93.

About KairuEdit

Kairu has two dogs, (non-anthro), Shadow and Abby. He has had a few tragedies in her life. He has a small scar on his arm from a vicious Rottweiler bite. At his school, everyone teases him, and he can get upset at the drop of a hat if he thinks he's being bullied, which can cause him to become Raging Kairu, his Dark Form. He's a tech-whiz, which is how he developed his Technokinesis.

Running GagsEdit

  • As a pun on "Brooklyn Rage", when Kairu gets angry, he will shout "FURSONA RAEG!"


Kairu is... well... weird. He has a habit of saying and doing the most random things. He often zones out, just staring into space. His wild, crazy, annoying personality can creep people out at times, so he pretends to be dark and mysterious around new people. He often fades into the ground, uses his Umbrakinesis to reappear out of a person's shadow and shout "OOGA-BOOGA!!!" instead.


Kairu has Spectrakinesis, which he uses in combat, Umbrakinesis, and Technokinesis.

His attacks include:

Friends Edit

Er... If you have a fursona and you consider me a friend, put them down!

  • Flare the Wolf: Flare seems to have a soft spot or some kind of enjoyment of throwing Kairu, partly because he knows Kairu won't be hurt.

Trivia Edit

  • Kairu is not his creator's real name, but the Japanese version of it, as his real name had been used for one of his characters already.
  • I actually own all the clothes he's wearing on the Furry Dollmaker. How creepy is that?
  • Kairu always has a black texta with him, which does basically the same thing as Pintor's paintbrush, but it only works on his characters.
  • He also always has a drink bottle in his belt. It's filled with Apple and Blackcurrant juice, his creator's favorite.