Kaetievyz Birds are beautiful parakeet-like birds, and preside over Bardinals and Tunebirds. They are usually green, but they are only capable of making a wooden-sounding sharp whistle. Their color depends on thier rank, wich is linked to thier succesful missions





Each mission is worth a different amount of points, depending on laction, targtets, optional objectives, and other stuff.













Optional Objectives:




Very Hard=50

Insane difficulty=60

Kaetievyz, however, can also have thier points watered down by the following things:

Failure to link targets:-50

Incorrect target:-10

Using mental[pokemon] instead of Kaetievyx energy:-20

Harming anyone in the vicinity unnecissarily:-40

Having to use Arceus' Link:-10 [this is usually preferable to a failed mission, however]

Having to use Arceus' Link to escape another's Kaetievyz energy:-20

They cannot go down in color rank, however.

Kaetievyz birds are often hired, for they have a special feather in each wing. It is a long,silky feather which they can whip out, and it has a special pattern on it. If both feathers hit someone, and they are of opposite gender, they fall in love for a day. Another ability is minor telepathy, and each one has a tiny "personal dimesnion" Something that has been mastered by the more skilled Tigeroans. If a Kaetievyz Bird has picked up an assignment, but cannot finish it, depending on the assignment, it may risk itself using a special way. It absorbs some of Arceus' power, and streaks through the bodies of the two targets, entombed in gold light. This special way attacks all 5 defenses...Physical, Mental[pokemon sense], Normal Mental, Kaetievyz Energy, and Mentality [different from the others. Tigero's definition is "your creativity, imagination, and keeness of mind"] It is extremely rare that anyone will be able to gain control of all 5 areas, and then gain victory over the Kaetievyz in all 5.If a Kaetievyz finds someone who actually has enough Kaetievyz Energy to resist one, then they respect that person and grant him access to the Verdant-Hold.

A group of Kaetievyz Birds, Tunebirds, and Bardinals are called a Feather.

Known Kaetievyz Birds:Vysaekyt[leader of the Treidyv Feather. Gold]

Tyklaerii[A well-known Kaetieyvz of the Treidyv feather that has many successful missions under his wing. Green, nearly blue.]

Rae'Tyl [another Kaetievyz of the Treidyv feather. Nearly golden]

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