Jayme is a born leader (even if her mother dosen't want to believe it) Daughter of Princess Sally Acorn, Jayme's been exposed to the press from an early age. There has been speculation that Jayme is Sally's Favorite of the twins but that hasn't been re-inforced by anything said by Jayme's royal mother.

Fanfics Edit

Jayme is mentioned in Book Two of Flashfire212's fanfics, and appears from Book Three onwards.

Friends, Foes & Family Edit


Joy the Echidna

Maddy the Hedgehog

Will the Echidna

Sonia the Hedgehog

Naomi Mongoose

Ronan the Fox (secret tactics instructor and freind)

more to be added


Dr. Eggman

Scourge the Hedgehog

Chicken Man

Celia the Cat and her Crew

Karla the Crocodile (Rival)


Sally Acorn (Mother)

Amy "Swift" Acorn (Sister)

Monkey Khan (Father)

Romantic Interests

Manic the Hedgehog

Forms and Fusions Edit

To be added

Appearance Edit

Jayme is the spitting image of her mother. But she wears red boots and vest instead of blue.

Abilitys Edit

Jayme isn't a great fighter, as evidenced by her staying in the back lines during the invasion. She is an ok medic, having learned a bit about using Chaos energy to manipulate water and also to heal from Maddy the Hedgehog, although due to lack of seeing her fight using Chaos energy we have no knowledge of her affinity. She really shines as a tactician though. In comparison to her mother, she is one of the best tacticians the Freedom Fighters have seen. She has great intelligence, being one of the few people to ever draw with either Tails or Ronan in a game of chess, her mother being another member of that group.

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