J's Hosue/Garage is a medium-large house owned by J the Hedgehog.

Description Edit

J's House/Garage is a two-story house (except his garage, which he stores up to 50 vehicles inside), and it is a yellow house. The neon logo from the garage consists a yellow flashing #41 and the Team Hornet logo on top of the garage, which represents the team after the legendary race car, Hornet, from Daytona USA. Inside the garage, it is actually an auto workshop, and contains numerous tools to fix and repair vehicles, and contains posters of the Hornet race car (including racing sponsor stickers mounted on the walls). It also contains at least 10 speakers inside the garage, and the radio itself contains all Sonic musics broadcasting inside the garage. It also has windows from the walls, and they're shatter-proof.

Inside J's house contains a large living room, a large kitchen, even a large dining room table. The living room contains two widely-large sofas, a 40" HDTV mounted on the wall, and two large speakers next to the TVs. The kitchen is pretty big also, and the same goes for the dining room table. His house also contains at least 2 bathrooms (one downstais, the other upstairs) and while it may look like jsut ordinary bathrooms, they have extraordinary features (such as motion-sensor faucets, and auto dispensing hand soaps). The house has at least 4 bedrooms, and all the bedroom matresses are big, soft and contains memory-foam (ideal for those who are having trouble sleeping), and all four rooms contains a 20" HDTV.

The house also contains a hidden basement inside J's workshop, where he can grab his Magus robe and his Frozen Staff/Crystal Sword. It also has a backyard (but there is no pool) and it is a large backyard, ideal for combat training practices. The house also has emergency alarms, ideal for when things go terribly wrong (such as time rift paradoxes, enemies breaching inside the house/garage, etc.), and the house/garage will either lower down to the ground as a huge emergency, or if its nano shields are activated.

Notable Places of Interests from J's House/Garage Edit

  • Auto Workshop
  • Living room (with a 40" HDTV inside)
  • Backyard (used for combat training/practice/harnessing element powers)
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Kitchen (J is pretty good at cooking)
  • Dining room
  • Basement

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