HyperBlazing Will is Will's primary version of a Hyper form. He was created by BloodSonic1 as a form Will was supposed to use to fight Phoenix and Mephiles.

History: the Books Edit

Note: HyperBlazing hasn't appeared in the books as of yet, so all under this heading is concept only

Book Two: The Sickness

Will goes HyperBlazing to defeat Jacob and Metal Sonic. He manages to defeat Jacob, but Metal Sonic hurts him enough to make him power down.

Book Three: The Invasion

In this book, Will goes HyperBlazing to fight Scourge, who was Chaos empowered. Will defeats him, but not without being hurt in the process.

Book Four: Insanity

Will goes HyperBlazing to fight Phoenix, who was being controlled by 'Shadow'. He is helped by BloodSonic in his Turbo form and Knuckles the Echidna in his Super Knuckles 3 form. Phoenix doesn't fall back though. Will then powers up to his UltraBlazing form.

Book Six: Sealed

Will uses this form to fight off the Rageik-empowered Scourge, winning for a while before Scourge went Legendary Super Saiyan. Note: due to Rageik's power, this form was as powerful as Legendary Super Saiyan Scourge 2 . Will is then defeated.

Random Fight Edit

Will goes into this form at the very end of Random Fight 5. He then beats Mephiles and Phoenix up, splitting Phoenix down to Kitt, Sonic Silver and Shadow. Sonic then goes to his Legendary Super Saiyan Sonic form. Will backs off. He next appears in this form in Fusion Saga 2, witnessing Sonic go Corrupted Legendary Super Saiyan Sonic. He is then found in this form by Flab and Blood. He and Blood train against Jeff, who does a Laughing Demon on them. Blood and Will then summon swords and attack him, beating him.

Appearance Edit

HyperBlazing Will has red-orange hair and fur, a blue muzzle and chest, green eyes with orange pupils, green gloves and green and orange shoes.

HyperBlazing Will

Powers Edit

HyperBlazing Will has all the powers of Blazing Will, and also uses Kamehameha-styled blasts like everyone else in Random Fight. He is also skilled in the Raging Demon. His signature move is Fire Disk, a flaming version of Krillin's Destructo Disk. He has a variant of it which he uses as a form of travel when he can't be bothered using Chaos Control: He creates a wheel-like Fire Disk around himself, then rolls it forwards with himself in the middle.

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