Hedgehog Presscott
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Vital statistics
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Gender Male
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Health 100
Level 10
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Location Sonitopia, Angelcastle Street.
Hedgehog Presscott is a Hedgehog, he is 30 years old and is currently a brainiac. His parents has been lost and nowhere to be found.

History Edit

During December 20th 2015, Presscott Found a Part for a robot called: Robo-Ryupart002b. He was a suspect for a disappearance For a missing chaos emerald but luckily he was not the thief.

Tales of Sonitopia

Crystal comes to Presscott and said her village has an ink problem Presscott Has to fix the problems With the ink disaster that occured

Freinds/Foes Edit

if your my friend please add you here!

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