Heavire is a male hedgebat. he is purple with black clothing, and has spikes that slice upwards, making a nest for a strangely-shaped stone in thier front. his wings are large and spiked [like a dragon's] and he has crystals on his gloves for combat. He commands dark power, and is skilled in all kinds of crystals.

Heavire is the type of thief who can't repress bieng a thief, sometimes nicking off friends without realizing it. He stashes it all somewhere with the only friend to have caught him every time, but no-one knows who that is, and where his giant stash remains.

Super Form: Demon Heavire

His eyes turn pure black with a single red ring, his purple spikes go out long, his wings turn into true black dragon wings, and crooked black claws cover his gloves. He still has complete sontrol, however. He has to be very angry to use this from, but the longer he goes without using it, the easier it is to access it. Nearly effortless after 2 weeks, and if he has gone 4 weeks, he can do it effortlessly twice in a row, on after the other, as the time stacks up.

He currently stalks the darker parts of the city of Tigeroa





INSPIRATION: the not-so-well-named band known as meat loaf.

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