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Fortuna is a black panther with long black hair, and bright-green eyes. She generally wears a pink T-shirt, blue pants, and white shoes. Other times, she can be seen in a full camouflage outfit. No matter what, she wears the Lunar Crystal necklace that has been handed down through out her family's history.

Note: the reason no one else in her family became telekinetic when they touched the crystal is because the it had a micrometer-close barrier set in place around it. This barrier was disabled when Hunter (and by extension, the rest of the crystals) was pulled onto mobuis. The next time she touched it, she went through the change.


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Skills and Abilities Edit


  • She has serious survival skillz
  • She is telekinetic and telepathic
  • She is a skilled chaos manipulator
  • she can create weapons out of chaos energy (usualy she makes twin swords)
  • She fights in a style symilar to Hunter the Fox's
  • She can 'Fly' by forcing a large amount of chaos energy out of the bottoms of her feet.


  • Chaos Barrage: symilar to Hunter's Knive Barrage attack, but with Chaos Darts insted of knives.
  • Chaos Machine-Gun: symilar to Hunter's Knive machine gun, but with Chaos Darts insted of knives.
  • Chaos Rain-Storm: Symilar to Hunter's Knive Storm, but she can do this while still on the ground by forming the Chaos Darts above her foes heads, then letting them fall.
  • Chaos Genade: Fortuna creates a highly concenterated ball of Chaos energy, then tosses it into a group of foes. At her signal, the ball explodes violently, normally killing anything in the blast radius.
  • Chaos Nova: Fortuna builds up a large amount of Chaos Entergy in her body, and then releases it, creating a shockwave of Chaos Energy that can level buildings.
  • Chaos Armor: Fortuna covers herself or an ally in Chaos Energy. The armor can block most energy based attacks and some physical one as well.
  • Blade Rush: Identical to Hunter’s version, except she uses swords made of Chaos Energy.
  • Blade Drill: Identical to Hunter’s version, except she uses swords made of Chaos Energy .
  • Blade Whirlwind: Identical to Hunter’s version, except she uses swords made of Chaos Energy.



Fortuna was one of two twins born to a pair of panthers. [her parents need names! please help!] Her brother, however, died shortly after he was born. Her parents named her Fortuna because she was lucky to have survived.

Early LifeEdit

Shortly after Fortuna learned to walk, her family moved to a remote mountian cabin. Apperently they saw the cabin as safer than a city house.

(more later (curse school's bells!))