Flamethrower (Kaenhoshaki) is a Fire based technique which is a standby in any Fire-based arsenal.

Styles Edit

There are many different styles of Flamethrower, with a different style for whatever the user requires of it. Will prefers using a solid beam of fire emitted from a single hand when fighting a single opponent (or both hands if required) with a spread-out beam from both hands when dealing with a large group of enemies. Striker prefers to use it as a distraction, emitting a large 'powerful' beam from both hands (while really charging up something a LOT more powerful). There are as many colors of flamethrower as there are colors of Fire. Enna, who only uses black fire, has a black flamethrower so concentrated that it instantly melts metal.

Users Edit

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Derived TechniquesEdit

Weapons of Similar StyleEdit

  • FBA Fire: A variant used by the Windstalkers from the Flame Based Armory, it can fire a ball of fire, and it can fire a stream of fire.
  • Afterburner: A variant used by vehicles, similar to Flamethrower

Technique Rank Edit

The technique is such a staple in a Fire wielder's arsenal that the rank is gone, most theorize a E-rank, but some say D-rank.

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