Crystal is a cat from Flashfire212's fanfics, who runs away from her village home to find help from the tyranny of Jacob and his army.
File:Crystal the Cat.png

History Edit

Book Two: The Sickness

Crystal fled from her home village with Chance "Clawz" Cat, a childhood friend, after he escaped after attacking Jacob alone, losing to the experienced fighter. They reached the Forest of Light when Clawz collapsed, still hurt from Jacob's attacks. He urged Crystal to continue, which she did, hiding in a Crystal Cave, ironically, the same one Will the Echidna, Maddy the Hedgehog and Kyle the Fox were staying in, when they found her. She told them of her village's plight, and Maddy sent her and Kyle out so she and Will could discuss what they were going to do. When Will walked out to tell Crystal he was going with her, he found her and Kyle about to kiss. Separating them, he told Kyle to go inside, then he and Crystal set off.

Will and Crystal have a number of run-ins with Eggman robots as they journey towards the village. They also find Clawz with Blood and a group of his allies, who go off to trash one of Eggman's bases while Will went with Clawz and Crystal to the town, where they found Kit the Cat and then caused a riot.

Appearance Edit

Crystal is an orange cat, she wears a shirt, miniskirt, Black cap and high cut white socks, and is often seen flirting with guys. However, she falls in love with and has a child with Kyle. Occasionally, she wears crystalline armor, capable of deflecting energy blasts with ease. However, this armor is very hard to move in, so she rarely uses it.

Abilitys Edit

Crystal has very fine control over crystal and metals, being able to create crystalline structures on any metal substance, easily crushing it. She has revealed that this power also allows her to replicate any substance she touches. She carries crystals around in her bag, and uses them to create anything she desires (asides for advanced mechanics or anything she doesn't understand). She has an attractive body (which is why she and Clawz were able to pass the male Dark Legion soldiers without too much hassle), which she can manipulate with the two crystals implanted in her torso, which she can transmit to whatever part of her body she desires, giving herself finer control over her body shape and abilitys.

Friends, Family and Foes Edit

Friends Edit

Chance "Clawz" Cat

Will the Echidna

Kit the Cat

More coming

Rivals Edit

Maddy the Hedgehog (fears Crystal stealing Will)

Foes Edit

Jacob the Echidna

Dr. Eggman

More coming

Family Edit

Lucas the Fox (son of Crystal and Kyle)

Romantic Interests Edit

Kyle the Fox

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