Chicken Man is the Ronan's World equivilant to Dr. Eggman

Ronan's World Background Edit

Once the most feared and powerful robotic genius Dr Eggman, now is the absolute dumbest person in Ronan the Fox's World thanks to a blow to the head in the battle of Dosik Sigma (the final battle against the Eggman Empire in Ronan's World) after his arrest he was sentenced to death by firing squad. To everyone's surprise on his execution date he not only survived the firing squad, it had left no mark on him. He was transferred to Ronan's Lab to find out why he survived. Ronan the Fox found out that the blow to the head has somehow altered Chicken Man's DNA making him invulnerable to any weapons that are known. Ronan, intrigued by his discovery, kept Chicken Man as a live test subject for Hammerforge Industrys, Ronan's weapons research company where he is the subject of Project Vorsetc at multi-world teleporting program.

Flashfire212's fanfics Edit

Project Vorsetc was a success, sending first a drone then Chicken Man into the Prime Zone. The drone was an accident, two years before anyone thought it was ready. Chicken Man, however, was sent to see if it worked. He wandered into Tails' Lab, where he interrupted a meeting between the five greatest minds on Mobius: Dimitri the Echidna, Rotor the Walrus, Dr. Eggman, Miles "Tails" Prower and Tails' son Kyle. This caused Eggman to storm out, outraged. Ronan followed Chicken Man, with the parts he needed to build a second generator. He found his way into the discussion, and was able to help them with their problem, after locking Chicken Man in a cage. Chicken Man is later returned to Ronan's World, being dumped straight back into his 'home'.

More coming

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