Chaos Will is Will the Echidna's Chaos form, one of his most powerful forms and one he can reach without emeralds.

Will the Echidna storyline Edit

Book One: The Beginnings

Will used this form to defeat Leo the Lion, then leave his home for the next two years with Maddy the Hedgehog and Kyle the Fox.

Book Four: Insanity

Will managed to defeat Shadow using this form, but Shadow fled before Will could do anything.

Book Six: Sealed

Will fought a duel in this form against a Rageik-empowered Scourge in his Legendary Super Saiyan form. Will managed to force Scourge back to Moebius where the final battle would occur.

Appearance Edit

Chaos Will has golden fur and green eyes. His gloves and skin don't change colour though.

Abilitys Edit

Chaos Will has all his abilitys from each of his super-level forms. Because of this, this form is an all around fighter, with no type-specific abilitys or advantages. It's signature ability is Chaos Incinerator lvl 3, a weaker form of Rageik's signature move.

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