Chaos Spear is a Chaos ability shown being used by Shadow the Hedgehog.

Usage Edit

Chaos Spear appeared with Shadow, and is generally used by him. It is shown in nearly every game Shadow is shown in, with few exceptions. The video game Shadow the Hedgehog had Chaos Spear as a move only used by Super Shadow, however other sources have him using it in his base form.

Forms Edit

As well as the original, there are many modified forms that appear in fanfics. Here are a couple of them.

Please add your forms of Chaos Spear to this list

Chaos Flare

The Chaos Flare is a Chaos Spear coated in fire and is capable of cutting though any form of biological material in it's path. Compared to the original Chaos Spear, it does more damage to organic targets but lacks the power to completely destroy machines. It is Will the Echidna's signature move.

Frost Spear

The Frost Spear is a Chaos Spear coated in ice and is capable of passing through metal with ease. In comparison to the original move and to Chaos Flare, Frost Spear is more effective against machines and metallic things and can penetrate organic targets, but not deeply. It is Maddy the Hedgehog's signature move.

Solar Flare

The Solar Flare is a supercharged Chaos Flare. It works the same as a Chaos Spear, but is more powerful. It is the signature move of Blazing Will.

Critical Slash

The Critical Slash is a Wind and Water-based Finisher, more likely known as Shatter, It's used by Shahooter, and works very well like Chaos Spear, He can simply do it by snapping his fingers and Talon, then the amount of Feathers hit into the Enemy, will come back times two, for example, if Shahooter hits his enemies 20 times with his feathers, and uses Critical Slash, 40 Shatter Feathers will come and hit the Adversary..regardless of location..

Darkness Spear

Zant can use this move to forcibly teleport his opponent a short distance away from Zant's location.

Chaos Missile

Chaos Missile is a form of Chaos Spear usable by Shima, Xilax and Hali. It has the same strength as Chaos Spear, but it is shaped differently. It is shaped like a missile from a war plane. It is Shima's most used move.

Chaos Dagger

Chaos Dagger is a variant of Chaos Spear used by Statyx. After dispersing a Chaos attack (so far only Chaos Spear and its variants), either from his opponent, or on rare occasions, his own, Statyx forms the dispersed Chaos Energy into sharp shards and sends them flying at the opponents. These shards have great slicing power, and their number depends on the power of the attack dispersed.

Sword Spears

Grey the wolf's signiture attack he charges chaos from pain and realeses it, Usually killing biological matter and shutting down machines for good.

Chaos Dart

 The user creates small knive knive-like projectiles out of chaos energy, which can be shot/ thrown at targets. Used by Fortuna the Panther and (after he learns from Fortuna) Hunter the Fox.

Electron Spear

An electrical-charged version, requiring great focus to use. It is taught in the Lightning Mountains.

Chaos Torrent

First used by Nazo the hedgehog in "Nazo Unleashed", and is his signiture attack. It is stronger than a normal chaos spear and is completely red. The attack gets stronger the longer it is charged. When fully charged, it has enough energy to destroy an entire city. (Requires large anounts of chaos energy and concentration)

Users Edit

Shadow the Hedgehog

Will the Echidna

Maddy the Hedgehog



Vicious the Dark

Scooter the Hedgehog

Shahooter the Owl

Candi the Mole

Statyx the Hedgehog

Shima the Hedgehog

Hali the Hedgehog

Xilax the Hedgehog

Kyle the Hedgehog

Penny the pig


Aeon the Immortal

Nero The Hedgehog

Dranixstar the Shapeshifter

Brackenear the Cat

Sonadver the hedgehog

Rinku the Mutt

Revenge the ???

Kai the Hedgehog Please add your fancharacters to this list if they use Chaos Spear

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