Chaos Control is an extremely well-known Chaos technique, first used by Shadow the Hedgehog, and one of his signature techniques. Chaos Control is used by tapping into Chaos Energy (usually requiring a Chaos Emerald). By tapping into this energy, the user is able to freeze time around themselves. This allows the user to move long distances in what would seem like seconds, making it seem like teleportation (though several cases incinuate that Chaos Control does actually involve teleportation). The range of Chaos Control can be increased the larger the amount of Chaos Energy they have, usually meaning more Chaos Emeralds. When used at the same time by two or more people, Chaos Control can open a rift in space, allowing actual time travel.

Known Variants Edit

After using Homing Attack on an opponent, the user uses Chaos Control to repeatedly attack the opponent, with each hit becoming more powerful.

Using Chaos Control, the user teleports to the nearest target, and hits them with a powerful attack, then teleporting to the next target to repeat the process. An extremely powerful technique, Chaos Boost usually must be used before this attack can be performed.

Chaos Control used in conjunction with Lightning Blade. By using Chaos Control, the user is able to avoid Lightning Blade's usual weaknesses, as well as gain near-infinite range.

A Chaos Control that is only used by Shima. Instead of being teleported, her speed increases, letting her dart around without being seen.

Known Users Edit

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