Chaos Blast is an extremely powerful Chaos Technique, first used by Shadow the Hedgehog. When used, Chaos Blast usually involves the user releasing an immensely powerful shockwave of raw Chaos Energy, with great range and destructive power. However, this technique involves the use of a large amount of Chaos Energy, usually requiring some users (such as Shadow himself) to use Chaos Boost for the technique to be used at it's full power. This runs the risk of draining the user, leaving them without much energy. While typically used as a powerful shockwave, Chaos Blast can actually be used in several ways, such as concentrated beams of Chaos Energy.

Known Variants Edit

A smaller version of Chaos Blast, which does not require Chaos Boost to be in use.

A much more powerful version used solely by Statyx the Hedgehog, this technique involves the user releasing all of their Chaos Energy in a suicide attack, which creates a blast spreading almost ten miles.

it involves ExtremeSpeed and Chaos Blast

Known Users Edit

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