Biotic is the Anti-Toxic, and a member of the Moebian Liberation Army.

File:Biotic the Hedgehog.png

Story Edit

Biotic was the crown prince of the House of Flarsi, a role he took seriously until his parents joined Scourge and his Suppression Squad, now known as the Scourge Empire. Disgusted, Biotic persuaded his brothers Flare, Cloud and Venom as well as their friend Eclipse and left for Kintobor's lands, and the recently formed Moebian Liberation Army, led by Striker, the Anti-Will. However, everything is not as it seems. Biotic might have been the one who persuaded his brothers to join the Moebian Liberation Army, but he is really loyal to the Scourge Empire, a fact later discovered, whereupon Flare and Aki the Bat came after him. After a duel in New Gallenhorn, capital of the House of Flaresi where Biotic lost it, and started attacking wildly, he was defeated and taken to a mental hospital in Doctor Kintobor's tower.

About Biotic Edit

Age: 17

Likes: Salad, Vegetarian Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza with Salad, being a prince, House of Flarsi, his powers.

Dislikes: Hamburgers, Meatlovers Pizza, his subordinates, his superiors, being shown up, Toxic the Hedgehog, his brothers.

Powers and Abilities Edit


Homing Attack

Super Transformation

Poison Absorption

Healing Breath

Water of Life

Virus Destruction

Advanced Transformation

Ghost Demon Transformation

Relationships Edit


Flare the Hedgehog (Anti-Frost) Brother, Ally

Cloud the Hedgehog (Anti-Bolt) Brother, Ally,

Venom the Hedgehog (Anti-Poison) Brother, Ally,

Toxic/Toxic Prime Mobian Counterpart.

Danielle the Hedgebat Mother

Justin the Hedgehog


Striker (Anti-Will)

Shady the Hedgehog

Ranga (Anti-Jacob)

Eclipse the Hedgehog (Anti-Solar)




Aki the Bat

More coming


Scourge the Hedgehog

Miles Prower

Alicia Acorn

More coming

Romantic Interests

None yet.

Personality Edit

Biotic hungers for power, especially becoming Battlemaster, Head Healer or especially King, and is a nationalist, believing that the House of Flarsi is going to rule the world. He is a dedicated perfectionist, desiring perfection from everyone, including himself. He has no empathy and is utterly cruel, even though a lot of his powers are centered around healing. When shown up, he attacks the person showing him up, even if they are allies. He is capable of many cruelties, even ordering the entire annihilation of a nearby clan out of his own enjoyment. Even some of his techniques when used in combat (by being reversed, they are lethal) show his utter cruelty. He eventually loses it with his defeat by his brother and Aki.

Quotes Edit

Forget fearing the wind, which hasn't decided whether it will kill you, and instead fear me, who has! (To the captain of the guard, who was fearing the winds would stop them getting a message to Striker during Biotic's time as a double agent)

I don't care for healing people I hate, but I do care for killing those who deserve it! (When entering the Moebian Liberation Army)

I guess I have to heal you...

I will never be someone's subordinate again! I WILL BE KING! (As he was losing reality during his final duel)

Healing is taking away somebody's pain. Reversing healing techniques, therefore, is to cause them a great deal of pain, and maybe even death. (To Cloud, who was wondering how a healer fights)

To remove the pain of a sick ally, then transfer that pain to an enemy. That is how I work. (Talking about his fighting style)

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