Arceucats are a special variety of cat that work for Arceus in fixing mobius' universe problems. Though Arceus does not actually have wings, the Arceucats have a branching wing pattern with the texture of Arceus' ring. Of all the legend-cats, Arceucats are considered to be the most powerful, as they work for Arceus. Just as the others, there are five species.*Arceutabby = Atk based

  • Arceupersian = Def based
  • Arceuangora = Sp. Atk based
  • Arceusiamese = Sp. Def based
  • Arceucalico = Speed basedTheir shrines and temples are usually in high or beatiful places, and their temple complex is next to the others, as par usual. They slay any intruders, and have been known to have friendly battles with visitors. The current leader is a Arceupersian named Ryk'Tryv.