Agartha is a Flintlock Pistol that has been enchanted to channel Glyph energy into an attack. It is the weapon wielded by Albus the Cat.


Obtained by AlbusEdit


One day Albus attempted to enchant Agartha with Glyph energy. His first attempt was a failure, and it nearly destroyed Agartha. Shanoa helped with his second attempt, and now Agartha became enchanted with Glyph energy (as well as infinite bullets, thanks to the enchantment).


Type Handgun (Flintlock Pistol)
Firepower 5.0 (basic bullets)
Firing Speed 0.25
Reload Speed None (requires no reloading)
Capacity None (infinite ammo)
Weight Light-medium

Agartha channels Glyphs that resemble energy balls. These include;

Agartha can also fire regular bullets at rapid speed.


  • Only Albus (or Shanoa) could use the Glyph energy in Agartha; anyone else who tries will just make the gun fire regular bullets.

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